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About us

APISOL was established in 2012 specifically for the growing market of Oil & Gas in the ASEAN region. APISOL is named as she targets to be Asia Pacific Insulation Solution provider where API is also the abbreviation of American Petroleum Institute. In 2013, APISOL SDN BHD was subsequently setup in Malaysia to better reach out and support the increasing customers demand. APISOL has accumulated years of experience catering to the demanding oil and gas industries, it aims to provide tailor-made professional engineering solutions to any oil and gas contractors and manufacturing facilities. APISOL technical and supply competencies includes trading of special equipment, fixture systems, production tooling, high pressure testing, bolt torquing and supply of skilled labour that provides a wide range of products and solution possibilities to the customers.

APISOL with APISOL SDN BHD has now a strong team of experienced engineers located in both Singapore and Malaysia, with a total of 20 years of design engineering and manufacturing experience, ranging from Electronics industries to the high end oil and gas market. We are excellent in all CAD software and manufacturing processes and standards - including welding standards, engineering codes, coating and testing requirements that are in compliance to ASME, API, AWS and ASTM standard.

APISOL emphasizes on customer satisfaction by providing the best quality of our products - by ensuring practicality, safety, reliability and accountability. Most importantly, we understand that being economically effective is a crucial factor to maintain us in the competitive markets; we offer highly competitive prices for your projects. We are too; ready to be a turnkey contractor to your engineering and machining demand - Please contact us for further information if such need arises. APISOL believes in nothing more than establishing and maintaining long-lasting relationships (partnerships!) with all her customers. Please feel free to contact us if you are seeking engineering solutions of any kind

APISOL (Singapore) is converted to APISOL PTE LTD in July 2014.